Racism persists; Floyd death was personal [Video]

Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett says racism persists in the United States and tackling it is a matter of policy. She said the killing of George Floyd was personal for her family. (Oct. 13)

Video Transcript

DICK DURBIN: Have you seen the George Floyd video?


DICK DURBIN: What impact did it have on you?

AMY CONEY BARRETT: Senator, as you might imagine, given that I have two Black children, that was very, very personal for my family.

DICK DURBIN: To reflect on the history of this country, where are we today when it comes to the issue of race?

AMY CONEY BARRETT: I think it is an entirely uncontroversial and obvious statement, given– as we just talked about– the George Floyd video, that racism persists in our country. As to putting my finger on the nature of the problem, you know, whether, as you say, it’s just outright or systemic racism, or how to tackle the prob– the issue of making it better, those things, you know, are policy questions. They’re hotly contested policy questions that have been in the news and discussed all summer.

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