100+ businesses are taking part in 502 Black Business Week 2022

Louisville is home to many Black-owned businesses. From restaurants to salons, travel agencies and clothing shops, these businesses showcase the best of Louisville entrepreneurs. 

Beginning June 19, customers are encouraged to participate in 502 Black Business Week, where shoppers can find discounts and special offers at more than 100 Black-owned businesses in the Louisville-area.

Created by Tiandra Robinson in 2018, the fifth annual 502 Black Business Week will showcase and highlight some of Louisville’s best Black-owned businesses.

“It is the hope of a 502 Black Business Week, that we can begin to close the racial wealth gap in this country through Black entrepreneurship,” Robinson said. “I’m always looking for ways to showcase Black-owned businesses in Louisville, and that’s what this week does.” 

The start date of the weeklong event, which begins June 19 and runs through June 25, wasn’t picked by accident. June 19 is Juneteenth, also known as Freedom Day, Jubilee Day, Liberation Day, and Emancipation Day, and is a nationwide celebration to commemorate the emancipation from slavery.  

Juneteenth, is a combination of “June” and “nineteenth,” in honor of June 19, 1865, when Maj. Gen. Gordon Granger came to Galveston, Texas, to inform a reluctant community that President Abraham Lincoln two years earlier had freed the slaves and to press locals to comply with his directive. 

There is no one reason why there was a two-plus-year delay in letting Texas know about the abolition of slavery in the United States, according to Juneteenth.com. The historical site said some accounts place the delay on a messenger who was murdered on his way to Texas with the news, while others say the news was deliberately withheld.

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The Presley Post, a co-working space that offers classrooms, conference rooms, a podcast studio, dedicated desk, and/or a private office with no long-term commitments, is one of the featured businesses in Black Business Week. 

Jasmine Presley, creator and owner of The Presley Post, said she is excited to be a part of Black Business Week for the first time. 

“Black Business Week gives us as a business a chance to build Black economic power, and gives entrepreneurs the help and support they need,” she told the Courier Journal.

Customers must mention “502 Black Business Week” to get discounts and offers from participating businesses. Customers can visit the websites for these online businesses or brick-and-mortar locations. For mobile-based businesses, check their website and social media pages for locations during the week.

Check out all the businesses, deals and promotions offered during 502 Black Business Week. Of note, contact information is listed if a physical address of a business was not available.

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